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    rip out the notion of Resources · 169c130d
    David Zeuthen authored
    It makes things a _lot more_ complicated having to deal with resources
    and there's a much nicer way to deal with it: Punt it to the apps:
    It's much more natural for the application to have a notion about
    about what resources are "trusted" (and e.g. requires lesser
    privileges) and what resources aren't.
    Consider dial-up networking; here the privileged application that
    performs the dial-up operation consults a list (maintained by the
    system administrator) of allowed numbers to dial. If the unprivileged
    networking UI applet that requests a number to be dialed is on the
    list it uses the PolicyKit action 'nm-dialup-trusted-location', if it
    isn't then it uses the PolicyKit action 'nm-dialup-untrusted-location'.
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