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    remove misguided action parameters · 81401e16
    David Zeuthen authored
    This feature was introduced with
     commit 02a4c510
    It makes things a lot harder for privilege granting if a feature like
    action parameters are present. Thinking about it, they're not really
    necessary; the parameters should just be encoded in the resource name;
    e.g. with the example given in the commit
    > This is useful for letting mechanisms convey information which may be
    > useful in making a decision whether an action is OK. For example,
    > NetworkManager could use this to provide the phone-number parameter
    > with a hypothetical "nm-dialup" action. Then a site or vendor can
    > provide insert
    >  mandatory polkit-run-program.so \
    >     program="/usr/lib/check-dialup-number.sh" privilege="nm-dialup"
    > into /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf and have said program check
    > in that program.
    is broken; the right thing here is for a hypothetical NetworkManager
    to pass the dial up connection details as the resource
     resource.type = "NetworkManager"
     resource.id = "/org/freedesktop/NM/DialUpConnection/number=555-HOT-CHICKS"
    in a well-defined format etc. etc.
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