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misc: Add a README and ChangeLog

ChangeLog contains instructions about commit messages.
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=== No ChangeLog ===
Since this module is using git, we rely on commit messages to provide change
history. Please write commit messages in the format described at
Below is a copy of this format:
=== begin example commit ===
tag: Short explanation of the commit
Longer explanation explaining exactly what's changed, whether any
external or private interfaces changed, what bugs were fixed (with bug
tracker reference if applicable) and so forth. Be concise but not too brief.
=== end example commit ===
- The commit message is mainly for the other people, so they should be able
to understand it now and six months later.
- Always add a brief description of the commit to the _first_ line of the
commit and terminate by two newlines (it will work without the second
newline, but that is not nice for the interfaces).
- First line (the brief description) must only be one sentence and should
start with a capital letter unless it starts with a lowercase symbol or
identifier. Don't use a trailing period either. Don't exceed 72 characters.
- You can prefix the first line with one tag, to make it easier to know to
which part of the module the commit applies. For example, a commit with
"fish: Make it work with newer fortune" in the gnome-panel module clearly
applies to the fish applet.
- The main description (the body) is normal prose and should use normal
punctuation and capital letters where appropriate. Normally, for patches
sent to a mailing list, the body is copied from there. This main
description can be empty if the change is self-explanatory (eg: "Add DOAP
- When committing code on behalf of others use the --author option, e.g. git
commit -a --author "Joe Coder <>".
- When referring to a bug, you can use this form: bgo#12345. Use bgo for, but you can also reference bugs in other bug trackers:
rh means, bnc means, lp means, etc. Whenever possible, use the full URL of the bug, though.
- When a commit closes a bug, the commit message should contain a line like:
or simply:
This repository contains the XDG specifications.
To discuss the specifications, you may use the xdg mailing list:
How to report issues
Issues should be reported to the bug tracking system: (product Specifications)
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