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PolicyKit 0.97
This is PolicyKit 0.97.
WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is a prerelease on the road to PolicyKit
1.0. Public API might change and certain parts of the code still needs
some security review. Use at your own risk.
The main change since the previous version is a port from eggdbus to
GLib's new D-Bus implementation. Other changes includes various bug
fixes and support for shadow authentication. Support for the
AddLockdown() and RemoveLockdown() methods has been removed. You will
need an updated version of PolicyKit-gnome to go with this release.
Build requirements
glib, gobject, gio >= 2.25.11
gobject-introspection >= 0.6.2 (optional)
pam (optional)
Changes since PolicyKit 0.96:
Andrew Psaltis (1):
Add shadow support
Dan Rosenberg (1):
Bug 26982 – pkexec information disclosure vulnerability
David Zeuthen (23):
Post-release version bump to 0.97
Port core bits to gdbus
Port CK class to gdbus
Port PolkitBackendInteractiveAuthority to gdbus
Port PolkitAgent to gdbus
Add generated docbook D-Bus API docs to git
Nuke eggdbus usage
Make polkitd accept --replace and gracefully handle SIGINT
Implement polkit_temporary_authorization_new_for_gvariant()
Remove Lock Down functionality
Make NameOwnerChanged a private impl detail of the interactive authority
Merge remote branch 'origin/gdbus'
Add a GPermission implementation
PolkitAuthority: Implement failable initialization
PolkitAuthority: Add g_return_if_fail() checks
Add g_return_if_fail() to all public API entry points
Use polkit_authority_get_sync() instead of deprecated polkit_authority_get
PolkitBackend: Don't export unneeded convenience API
Update GI annotations
Don't dist org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.xml; It's dead, Jim
Properly reference headers
Update NEWS for release
Petr Mrázek (1):
Bug 29051 – Configuration reload on every query
Thanks to our contributors.
David Zeuthen,
August 9, 2010
PolicyKit 0.96
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