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Update NEWS for release

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PolicyKit 0.102
This is PolicyKit 0.102
WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is a prerelease on the road to PolicyKit
1.0. Public API might change and certain parts of the code still needs
some security review. Use at your own risk.
Build requirements
glib, gobject, gio >= 2.28
gobject-introspection >= 0.6.2 (optional)
pam (optional)
Changes since PolicyKit 0.101:
Benjamin Otte (1):
introspection: Add --c-include to the gir files
David Zeuthen (7):
Post-release version bump to 0.102
Don't show diagnostic messages intended for the administrator to the end u
PolkitUnixProcess: Clarify that the real uid is returned, not the effectiv
Make PolkitUnixProcess also record the uid of the process
Use polkit_unix_process_get_uid() to get the owner of a process
pkexec: Avoid TOCTTOU problems with parent process
Update NEWS for release
Evan Nemerson (1):
Specify exported pkg-config files in GIRs
Marc Deslauriers (1):
Fix multi-line pam prompt handling
Martin Pitt (3):
Ignore .po/ for intltool
Fix backend crash if a .policy file does not specify <message>
Bug 38769 — pkexec: Support running X11 apps
Thanks to our contributors.
David Zeuthen,
August 1, 2011
PolicyKit 0.101
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