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      window: Cache texture only in XrdWindow, XrdDesktopCursor, XrdPointerTip · 996db3a8
      Christoph Haag authored
      Previously, window managers owned the GulkanTextures for each window, cached the textures and destroyed them when necessary.
      Then, XrdWindow added a cache of the current displayed texture, making the life cycle of this texture difficult.
      With this commit, window managers still create GulkanTextures, but the XrdWindow takes ownership after setting the texture.
      Window managers can query XrdWindows for the current displayed texture, render into it and resubmit to avoid the cost of allocating textures.
      XrdWindows automatically destroy textures when new textures are submitted or when the window is closed with xrd_window_close().
      Desktop-cursor and pointer-tip are made consistent with this concept too.
      The intended way of working with textures is now:
      * get_texture(), check if cached texture already has the correct dimensions
        * if yes: Render into texture, and call submit_texture()
        * if no: Create new texture, render into it, and call set_texture().
      set_texture() implicitly executes submit_texture().
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      examples/hand-shake: Don't create mipmaps, doesn't work · c399547d
      Christoph Haag authored
      This should have been fixed a long time ago.
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