Commit 278cba2e authored by Lubosz Sarnecki's avatar Lubosz Sarnecki

container: Document enums.

parent 4fce41a5
......@@ -21,12 +21,31 @@ G_BEGIN_DECLS
#define XRD_TYPE_CONTAINER xrd_container_get_type()
G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE (XrdContainer, xrd_container, XRD, CONTAINER, GObject)
* XrdContainerAttachment:
* @XRD_CONTAINER_ATTACHMENT_NONE: The #XrdContainer is not attached.
* @XRD_CONTAINER_ATTACHMENT_HEAD: The container is tracking the head.
* @XRD_CONTAINER_ATTACHMENT_HAND: The container is tracking a hand.
* Enum that defines if the container is moving with user input.
typedef enum {
} XrdContainerAttachment;
* XrdContainerLayout:
* @XRD_CONTAINER_NO_LAYOUT: No layout is set.
* @XRD_CONTAINER_HORIZONTAL: A horizontal linear layout.
* @XRD_CONTAINER_VERTICAL: A vertical linear layout.
* @XRD_CONTAINER_RELATIVE: A relative layout.
* Defines how the children of a #XrdContainer are layed out.
typedef enum {
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