Commit af97b2d8 authored by Lubosz Sarnecki's avatar Lubosz Sarnecki

scene/renderer: Update Gulkan queue API.

parent fe8bf20a
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......@@ -675,7 +675,7 @@ _draw (XrdSceneRenderer *self)
GulkanQueue *queue = gulkan_device_get_graphics_queue (device);
GulkanCmdBuffer *cmd_buffer = gulkan_cmd_buffer_new (device, queue);
GulkanCmdBuffer *cmd_buffer = gulkan_queue_request_cmd_buffer (queue);
gulkan_cmd_buffer_begin (cmd_buffer);
self->update_lights (self->scene_client);
......@@ -684,9 +684,9 @@ _draw (XrdSceneRenderer *self)
_render_stereo (self, cmd_handle);
gulkan_cmd_buffer_submit (cmd_buffer);
gulkan_queue_submit (queue, cmd_buffer);
g_object_unref (cmd_buffer);
gulkan_queue_free_cmd_buffer (queue, cmd_buffer);
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