1. 10 Dec, 2021 1 commit
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      vr-mirror: Add VR mirror · d8f93176
      Lubosz Sarnecki authored and Christoph Haag's avatar Christoph Haag committed
      build: Add xrdesktop and libinputsynth dependencies.
      vr-mirror: Add VR mirror class.
      shell-wm: Hook up VR mirror to wm callbacks.
      src: Add VR mirror dbus control class.
      main: Init vr mirror dbus.
      tools: Add and install python dbus control script.
      vr-mirror: don't crash if workspace of current window is invalid
      This can happen if the window was closed in this very moment.
      vr-mirror: Improve parent detection and 3D window placement.
      Make pixels per meter constant a define.
      Extract function to apply desktop transformation to a window.
      Treat modal dialog as child window.
      Don't crash if parent is not available.
      Use meta window transients and root windows, refactor parenting code.
      Position new windows at desktop positon, on top layer.
      vr-mirror: fix crash on startup when xrdesktop can't be initialized
      vr-mirror: use new uppercase enum values from libinputsynth
      vr-mirror: Update to new xrdesktop texture API.
      vr-mirror: Only submit textures when not setting them already
      vr-mirror: Delete GL memory object after import
      vr-mirror: Fix warnings
      vr-mirror: Update cursor and texture API calls.
      meson: Use xrdesktop 0.13 API.
      vr-mirror: Fix nvidia workaround upload path
      Fixes certain windows not updating / being invisible.
      vr-mirror: Don't move mouse while window is "grabbed"
      A "grabbed" window is being moved or resized.
      Pointing the VR controller to the title bar and pressing "left click" grabs the window.
      In this mode the mouse cursor is not moved to prevent moving the window on the desktop from VR.
      vr-mirror-dbus: Fix warnings
      vr-mirror: Update Gxr Events API.
      vr-mirror: Update to new xrdesktop API.
      Update to GulkanTexture API.
      vr-mirror: Use generic client constructor.
      vr-mirror: Handle extent change correctly.
      vr-mirror: Render scene client.
      Introduce render thread for scene client.
      vr-mirror: Fix clutter paint callback for mutter 3.36.0
      vr-mirror: Move render thread into xrdesktop.
      vr-mirror: Disconnect signals when shutting down
      In particular the grab_op callback crashed when moving a window
      after disabling vr mirror.
      vr-mirror: Use VkImageLayout from xrd client for texture
      vr-mirror: Don't call glFinish on reshare.
      vr-mirror: Implement overlay <-> scene switching
      vr-mirror: Don't react to process quit when we're that process
      meson: Use xrdesktop 0.15.
      vr-mirror: Use sRGB color space formats.
      vr-mirror: Validate grab events.
      vr-mirror: Port deprecated paint callback to ClutterEffect.
      vr-mirror: remove deprecated vk layout transfer
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