Commit a9537cfd authored by Jon Turney's avatar Jon Turney

appveyor: Drop building Xorg server

(Temporarily) drop building Xorg server (since this doesn't work after
a530b6e8) until we come up with a better solution. (See #692)
parent 401ff618
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......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ cache:
- '%CYGWIN_ROOT%\home\%USERNAME%\.ccache'
- '%CYGWIN_ROOT%/bin/bash -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER; meson setup --prefix=/usr -Dxv=false -Dxf86bigfont=true -Ddmx=true -Dxephyr=true -Dxnest=true -Dxvfb=true -Dxwin=true -Dxorg=true -Dhal=false -Dudev=false -Dpciaccess=false -Dint10=false build"'
- '%CYGWIN_ROOT%/bin/bash -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER; meson setup --prefix=/usr -Dxv=false -Dxf86bigfont=true -Ddmx=true -Dxephyr=true -Dxnest=true -Dxvfb=true -Dxwin=true -Dxorg=false -Dhal=false -Dudev=false -Dpciaccess=false -Dint10=false build"'
- '%CYGWIN_ROOT%/bin/bash -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER; meson configure build"'
- '%CYGWIN_ROOT%/bin/bash -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER; ninja -C build"'
- '%CYGWIN_ROOT%/bin/bash -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER; ccache -s"'
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