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      Bump version to · f20dc979
      Michel Dänzer authored
      Xwayland 21.1.0 release candidate 2.
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      xwayland: Delay cursor visibility update · 15f8b789
      Olivier Fourdan authored
      Xwayland won't emulate XWarpPointer requests if the cursor is visible,
      this is to avoid having the cursor jumping on screen and preventing
      random X11 clients from controlling the pointer in Wayland, while
      allowing games which use that mechanism with a hidden cursor to work in
      There are, however, games which tend to do it in the wrong order, i.e.
      show the cursor before moving the pointer, and because Xwayland will not
      allow an X11 client to move the pointer while the cursor is visible, the
      requests will fail.
      Add a workaround for such X11 clients, when the cursor is being shown,
      keep it invisible until the cursor is actually moved. This way, X11
      clients which show their cursor just before moving it would still have a
      chance to succeed.
      v2: Add a timeout to show the cursor for well behaved clients.
      v3: Some cleanup (Michel)
      v4: Do not cancel cursor delay when updating the cursor to avoid
          delaying cursor visibility indefinitely if the client keeps
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