Commit cc361355 authored by SimonPilkington's avatar SimonPilkington Committed by Olivier Fourdan

xwayland: Initialise values in xwlVidModeGetGamma()

ProcVidModeGetGamma() relies on GetGamma() to initialise values if it
returns TRUE. Without this, we're sending uninitialised values to

Fixes: #1040
(cherry picked from commit 6748a409)
parent 533cc6ca
......@@ -332,6 +332,7 @@ static Bool
xwlVidModeGetGamma(ScreenPtr pScreen, float *red, float *green, float *blue)
/* Unsupported for now, but pretend it works */
*red = *green = *blue = 1.0f;
return TRUE;
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