Commit 1e4bf85d authored by Matthieu Herrb's avatar Matthieu Herrb Committed by Michel Dänzer
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Fix XChangeFeedbackControl() request underflow

CVE-2021-3472 / ZDI-CAN-1259

This vulnerability was discovered by:
Jan-Niklas Sohn working with Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative
Signed-off-by: Matthieu Herrb's avatarMatthieu Herrb <>
(cherry picked from commit 7aaf54a1)
parent 2a327e58
......@@ -464,8 +464,11 @@ ProcXChangeFeedbackControl(ClientPtr client)
case StringFeedbackClass:
xStringFeedbackCtl *f = ((xStringFeedbackCtl *) &stuff[1]);
xStringFeedbackCtl *f;
f = ((xStringFeedbackCtl *) &stuff[1]);
if (client->swapped) {
if (len < bytes_to_int32(sizeof(xStringFeedbackCtl)))
return BadLength;
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