Commit 0952d127 authored by Eamon Walsh's avatar Eamon Walsh
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xselinux: Relax ownership restriction on SetSelectionUseContext.

Instead, clients should keep track of the selection instances they use.
parent ac13145d
......@@ -1346,15 +1346,6 @@ ProcSELinuxSetCreateContext(ClientPtr client, unsigned offset)
goto out;
privPtr = &serverClient->devPrivates;
else if (offset == USE_SEL) {
/* Selection use context currently requires no selections owned */
Selection *pSel;
for (pSel = CurrentSelections; pSel; pSel = pSel->next)
if (pSel->client == client) {
rc = BadMatch;
goto out;
ptr = dixLookupPrivate(privPtr, subjectKey);
pSid = (security_id_t *)(ptr + offset);
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