Commit 0e6b611a authored by Giuseppe Bilotta's avatar Giuseppe Bilotta Committed by Adam Jackson
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randr: MONITORINFO has outputs, not crtcs

Reviewed-by: Adam Jackson's avatarAdam Jackson <>
parent bd1c33db
......@@ -2363,14 +2363,14 @@ A.1.1 Common Types added in version 1.5 of the protocol
4 ATOM name
1 BOOL primary
1 BOOL automatic
2 CARD16 ncrtcs
2 CARD16 noutputs
2 INT16 x
2 INT16 y
2 CARD16 width in pixels
2 CARD16 height in pixels
4 CARD32 width in millimeters
4 CARD32 height in millimeters
4*n CRTC crtcs
4*n OUTPUT outputs
A.2 Protocol Requests
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