Commit 54889b17 authored by Egbert Eich's avatar Egbert Eich
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34. Added a hack to fc-lang and fc-list to prevent installation if define

    InstallFontconfigLibrary NO (Egbert Eich).
33. Updated Xft to 2.1.5 (Egbert Eich).
32. Make ELF loader work on systems with non-exec stack/heaps (bugzilla
    #296, John Dennis, Mike Harris).
31. Fix for xdm to work on a non-IPv6 system when built with IPv6 support
    (bugzilla #287, Peter Breitenlohner) (confirmed by: Alan Coopersmith).
30. Fix Xi XselectExtensionEvent for 64 bit machines (bugzilla #285,
    Andreas Luik) (confirmed by: Paul Anderson, Alan Coopersmith).
parent 22c1eba5
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ XSelectExtensionEvent (dpy, w, event_list, count)
statement */
count <<= 2;
Data (dpy, (char *) event_list, count);
Data32 (dpy, (long *) event_list, count);
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