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    Fri Aug 13 19:53:10 2004 Soeren Sandmann <sandmann@redhat.com> · 0641e99b
    Søren Sandmann Pedersen authored
    Fix for lockups on some versions of Matrox Mystique. #687, Patch from Mike
    Call xf86EnableDisableFBAccess though the function pointer instead of
        directly. #1041, Patch from Aaron Plattner.
    Swap the phsyical size of the screen when rotiation. #1050, Patch from
        Aaron Plattner.
    Fri Aug 13 19:47:12 2004 Soeren Sandmann <sandmann@redhat.com>
    Make HAVE_FT_BITMAP_SIZE_Y_PPEM conditional on the FreeType version instead
        of proping it. This way it will work with the monolithic version too.
        #1062, Patch by Owen Taylor.
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