Commit af50de26 authored by Jamey Sharp's avatar Jamey Sharp
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Revert "Generate error constants as XCB_BAD_*, similar to Xlib."

Since several extensions named their errors like "BadFoo", this patch
results in names like XCB_EXT_BAD_BAD_FOO, which is really awful. Those
extensions are already kind of awful, as they produce structure names
like xcb_ext_bad_foo_error_t, which is redundant.

A patch that removes "Bad" from the XML extension descriptions, while
maintaining API and ABI compatibility in XCB, is needed before this
patch can be released.

This reverts commit 158c9b6b.
parent a29fbc26
......@@ -449,11 +449,6 @@ authorization from the authors.
<xsl:when test="self::error|self::errorcopy">
<constant type="number" name="{xcb:xcb-prefix(concat('Bad', @name))}" value="{@number}" />
<constant type="number" name="{xcb:xcb-prefix(@name)}" value="{@number}" />
<xsl:when test="self::event|self::error">
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