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    Enable loadable i18n modules, making them configurable on the configure command line. · 6e752ea1
    Keith Packard authored
    Clean up conditionals for XKB, XCMS, XLOCALEDIR
    Create new lib directory for locale modules in ${X11_LIBDIR}/locale/lib. Add this to the default XLOCALEDIR search path.
    Create separate X11_LOCALEDATADIR variable pointing at ${datadir}/X11/locale for installing locale data.
    Split out xcms, xkb, xlibi18n sources from main xlib bits so they can be conditionally included more easily. Lots of source files have been moved with this step; the result seems like it might be easier to maintain.
    Display message at end of configure script with selected options.
    Fix manual building with cpp to add -traditional in cpprules.in. This isn't conditionalized at all, so it will break on systems not using GNU cpp.
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