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Release libX11 1.1 RC1 (

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Xlib is autotooled!
Version 1.1 RC1 - 2006-10-06
This release includes the Xlib/XCB work, which uses XCB as the Xlib transport
layer, and allows a client to use both Xlib and XCB on the same connection.
This allows clients to transition from Xlib to XCB incrementally.
Clients which link only to libX11, and do not use XCB, should not notice any
differences in this release. Clients desiring XCB interoperability should
additionally #include <X11/Xlib-xcb.h>, link to libX11-xcb, use
XGetXCBConnection(dpy) to obtain the underlying XCB connection, and then use
XCB functions directly on that connection.
Note that while a client can issue requests and handle their replies or errors
with either Xlib or XCB, only one can own and handle the event queue. By
default, Xlib must own the event queue, for compatibility with legacy Xlib
clients. Clients can use the function XSetEventQueueOwner immediately after
XOpenDisplay to let XCB own the event queue instead. Clients may not call
this function after processing any responses, as this will potentially lose
We expect to have an RC2 release corresponding to the Xorg RC2 schedule, which
should include additional internal architecture enhancements, but no
user-visible changes. 1.0 final should match RC2.
Other smaller changes in this release:
* correct ChangeLog generation
* support running lint and sparse
* Autoconf 2.60
* fix man page for XUrgencyHint
* improve man pages for XGrabButton, XGrabKey, XGetWindowProperty
* new locales: as_IN.UTF-8, kn_IN.UTF-8, ml_IN.UTF-8, or_IN.UTF-8,
te_IN.UTF-8, ur_IN.UTF-8
* on systems with both UNIXCONN and LOCALCONN, try unix if local fails
* fix sparse warnings
* ansify static functions
-- Josh Triplett <>, Jamey Sharp <>
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ no)
AC_DEFINE(USE_XCB, 0, [Use XCB for low-level protocol implementation])
X11_REQUIRES="xcb-xlib >= 0.9.92"
xdmauth="no" # XCB handles all auth
AC_DEFINE(USE_XCB, 1, [Use XCB for low-level protocol implementation])
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