Commit 92487437 authored by Kevin E Martin's avatar Kevin E Martin

Fix install problem on platforms not using (Bug #339,...

Fix install problem on platforms not using (Bug #339, Harold L. Hunt II, Alexander Gottwald).
Fix crash when using X core font in zh_CN.UTF-8 locale (Bug #368, Yu Shao, David Dawes).
Fix glXMakeCurrent(Dpy, None, NULL) crash (Bug #719, Adam Jackson).
HP-PA build fix (Bug #828, Guy Martin, Paul Anderson).
Fix SDK build for GATOS and Wacom driver (Bug #829, Bryan Stine).
Fix attempt to read video ROM before enabling it (Bug #843, Ivan Kokshaysky, Mike A. Harris).
Fix detection of primary adapter (Bug #843, Ivan Kokshaysky, Mike A. Harris).
Clarify xset man page description of how to use the keyboard repeat rate settings (Bug #846, Mike A. Harris).
Fix problem where print-screen key would get remapped to sys-req in certain keymaps, which broke GNOME printscreen functionality (Bug #847, Owen Taylor).
Fix several render problems:
- MMIO mode support
- Hang on IGP chips
- VT switching hang
- 3D render corruption (Bug #922, Hui Yu).
parent 55c2ee56
......@@ -1750,7 +1750,12 @@ create_tofontcs_conv(
while (count-- > 0) {
XlcCharSet charset = _XlcGetCharSet(*value++);
const char *name = charset->encoding_name;
const char *name;
if (charset == (XlcCharSet) NULL)
name = charset->encoding_name;
/* If it wasn't already encountered... */
for (k = num - 1; k >= 0; k--)
if (!strcmp(preferred[k]->name, name))
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