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Bump version number to 1.1.2, and add NEWS entry for 1.1.2

Signed-off-by: Josh Triplett's avatarJosh Triplett <>
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Version 1.1.2 - 2007-06-03
* Fix CVE-2007-1667: Multiple integer overflows in the XGetPixel() and
XInitImage() functions.
* Xlib/XCB: Ensure _XReadEvents reads at least one new event and blocks for
exactly one event. Large performance improvement for XIfEvent and similar.
* Hold XCB's Xlib lock even when only the user lock (XLockDisplay) is held.
An Xlib client can query Display state, such as with NextRequest, while it
holds only the Xlib user lock (between XLockDisplay and XUnlockDisplay), so
XCB requests in other threads should be blocked when the Xlib user lock is
held. We acquire the lock even when XInitThreads was not called, so that
pure XCB code can use multiple threads even in an otherwise single-threaded
Xlib application.
* Allow re-entrant Xlib calls from _XIOError.
Some libraries try to clean up X resources from atexit handlers, _fini, or
C++ destructors. To make these work, downgrade the Display lock to a user
lock (as in XLockDisplay) before calling exit(3). This blocks Xlib calls
from threads other than the one calling exit(3) while still allowing the
exit handlers to call Xlib.
* Xlib/XCB: Avoid re-crashing after _XIOError.
* Bug #7703: Fixed XSetSizeHints() et al wrt use of uninitialized data.
Now only those fields of the respective hint struct are set that
are actually valid in the input data.
* Bug #10292: Fixed a memory leak related to XOpenDisplay() in the XCB code.
* Bug #7713: Initialize all of the event's fields before sending it.
* Bug #9279: Fixed a file descriptor leak.
* Bug #10562: Define _GNU_SOURCE on glibc systems.
* Use unistd.h to get getresuid() and friends, now that we have _GNU_SOURCE
* Switched function definitions from K&R to ANSI style.
* Many constness fixes.
* Fixed a few warnings.
* Fix 64bit issues with reallocation.
* Manpage fixes:
* Add man pages for XKB APIs.
(Volunteer needed to convert prototypes in man pages to ANSI C style...)
* Protect C comments and #defines in XKB man pages from being mangled by cpp
* Fix typo in nroff macro in
* Bug #9695: Fixed a few argument types in the XOpenIM manpage.
* Markup tweak for XOpenIM.
* Bug #9696: refer to XDefineCursor() instead of XDefineCusor().
* Bug #9697: Fixed documentation of XVisualInfo struct. The "depth" member
was said to be unsigned int, but it's signed.
* nls fixes:
* Update el_GR.UTF-8/Compose.pre to match changes in xkeyboard-config cvs.
* For nls/*.pre, allow people to comment lines by starting them with '##'.
* Build system fixes:
* Add to EXTRA_DIST.
* make ChangeLog hook safer
* Don't distribute the configure-generated XlibConf.h in tarballs.
Version 1.1.1 - 2006-11-30
The "xcompmgr is hard, let's go releasing" release
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