Commit 642cd269 authored by Egbert Eich's avatar Egbert Eich

Removed #ifdef'ed out code together with the comment explaining why it was #ifdef'ed out.

Fixed typo.
Added comment to a changed that's been committed with one of the previous commits.
parent a07ccae3
......@@ -254,18 +254,6 @@ _XimUnRegisterIMInstantiateCallback(
_XUnregisterFilter( display, RootWindow(display, 0),
(XPointer)NULL );
#if 0
* don't unregister the event mask
* (not even the PropertyNotify mask)
* as others may be interested.
* It shouldn't matter if we don't unregister
* as we are in the root window anyway so the
* event won't be propagated any further.
XSelectInput( display, RootWindow(display, 0),
NoEventMask );
picb->next = icb->next;
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