Commit 5f860655 authored by Jamey Sharp's avatar Jamey Sharp

Release libX11 1.1 RC2 (

parent a6f4bbf7
Version 1.1 RC2 - 2006-11-02
Benno Schulenberg:
nls: remove duplicate compose entries (bug #2286)
nls: remove shadowed compose entries (bug #2286)
nls (en_US): remove long compositions that override shorter (bug #2286)
Caolan McNamara:
XKB geometry: fix leaks in GetKeyboardByName (bug #8099)
David Nusinow:
Dynamically generate internal manpage section using __libmanpagesuffix__ so that it actually matches the section if you don't use 3X11
Jamey Sharp:
Add correct Display locking to XKB functions.
XKB bugfix: SyncHandle must be called after UnlockDisplay, not before.
XCB: check for and handle I/O errors in _XGetXCBBuffer.
Matthias Hopf:
Fix double open of compose file.
Version 1.1 RC1 - 2006-10-06
This release includes the Xlib/XCB work, which uses XCB as the Xlib transport
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