1. 08 Jun, 2019 2 commits
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      Use EXEEXT_FOR_BUILD for makekeys · 6886d9ba
      Jon Turney authored
      Use EXEXT_FOR_BUILD, to fix cross-compiling where EXEEXT differs from
      EXEEXT_FOR_BUILD, such as when building for Windows from unix.
      (Note: As written, this assumes EXEEXT_FOR_BUILD is always empty when
      cross-compiling.  There could be some elaborate autodetection for
      EXEXT_FOR_BUILD, but for the moment, if you are cross-compiling from
      Windows to Unix, you'll need to set EXEEXT_FOR_BUILD explicity...)
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      Remove makekeys dependency on X headers · a121b7b0
      Jon Turney authored
      This is the patch from https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6669
      by Pierre Ossman, reworked for master.
      Avoid using LIBS (which are for host, but we don't need) and rewrite
      makekeys slightly to avoid needing to include any X headers, which
      avoids potentially having -I with host paths in CFLAGS, which can cause
      standard headers e.g. stdio.h for the host to also be used, which can
      break things...
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      Build: Use native compiler for makekeys · 58bf3aa7
      John Tapsell authored
      makekeys needs to be run during the build process, as opposed to on the
      target, so build it with either of gcc or cc to fix cross-compiling.
      This can be overridden by setting $CC_FOR_BUILD.
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