Commit cb0e894f authored by Walter Harms's avatar Walter Harms

note that we can handle kbd==NULL

Signed-off-by: Walter Harms's avatarWalter Harms <>
parent 0327c427
......@@ -46,3 +46,9 @@ frees the memory associated with the
.I indicators
member of
.I xkb.
If xkb is NULL, no operation is performed.
.BR XkbAllocIndicatorMaps (__libmansuffix__)
......@@ -60,3 +60,13 @@ and then frees the
.I xkb
structure itself.
If kbd is NULL, no operation is performed.
.BR XkbFreeClientMap (__libmansuffix__),
.BR XkbFreeServerMap (__libmansuffix__),
.BR XkbFreeCompatMap (__libmansuffix__),
.BR XkbFreeIndicatorMaps (__libmansuffix__),
.BR XkbFreeNames (__libmansuffix__),
.BR XkbFreeGeometry (__libmansuffix__),
.BR XkbFreeControls (__libmansuffix__)
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