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libX11 1.8.1

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## Release 1.8.1
* Fix --enable-thread-safety-constructor configure option
## Release 1.8
* Add --enable-thread-safety-constructor configure option (default: enabled)
to call XInitThreads() from the library's constructor, thus enabling
thread-safety and locking by default. This may expose bugs in clients
which did not follow documented rules for calling libX11 functions.
* Fix Ethopian (am_ET.UTF-8) compose sequences.
* Remove 8 compose sequences that generated the input symbols.
* Add compose seuences for abovedot (\<period\> \<space\>),
diaeresis (\<quotedbl\> \<space\>), and ogonek (\<semicolon\> \<space\>).
## Release 1.7.5
* Avoids a segfault when an invalid name is used for opening a display.
# Initialize Autoconf
AC_INIT([libX11], [1.8],
AC_INIT([libX11], [1.8.1],
[], [libX11])
AC_CONFIG_HEADERS([src/config.h include/X11/XlibConf.h])
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