Commit 404f6aad authored by Conrad Meyer's avatar Conrad Meyer
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freebsd: Add !legacy open_device_io implementation

Some drivers, such as QXL, rely on this method and do not check for errors
when it is unavailable.  FreeBSD's legacy method can enumerate any d/b/s/f
just fine, so it should be adequate for the !legacy API, as far as I can

With this change, QXL doesn't crash on startup on FreeBSD.
Signed-off-by: default avatarConrad Meyer <>
parent fbed5d2b
......@@ -599,6 +599,17 @@ pci_device_freebsd_open_legacy_io(struct pci_io_handle *ret,
static struct pci_io_handle *
pci_device_freebsd_open_io( struct pci_io_handle *ret,
struct pci_device *dev, int bar,
pciaddr_t base, pciaddr_t size )
ret = pci_device_freebsd_open_legacy_io( ret, dev, base, size );
if ( ret != NULL )
ret->is_legacy = 0;
return ret;
#if defined(__i386__) || defined(__amd64__)
static void
pci_device_freebsd_close_io(struct pci_device *dev, struct pci_io_handle *handle)
......@@ -710,6 +721,7 @@ static const struct pci_system_methods freebsd_pci_methods = {
.read = pci_device_freebsd_read,
.write = pci_device_freebsd_write,
.fill_capabilities = pci_fill_capabilities_generic,
.open_device_io = pci_device_freebsd_open_io,
.open_legacy_io = pci_device_freebsd_open_legacy_io,
#if defined(__i386__) || defined(__amd64__)
.close_io = pci_device_freebsd_close_io,
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