Commit 8e32d9d2 authored by Adam Jackson's avatar Adam Jackson 💣

Fix memory leak in mode validation

Reviewed-by: Julien Cristau's avatarJulien Cristau <>
Reviewed-by: Matt Turner's avatarMatt Turner <>
Signed-off-by: Adam Jackson's avatarAdam Jackson <>
parent b1f7f190
......@@ -391,6 +391,7 @@ VESAValidMode(int scrn, DisplayModePtr p, Bool flag, int pass)
for (v = mon->vrefresh[0].lo; v <= mon->vrefresh[0].hi; v++) {
mode = xf86GTFMode(p->HDisplay, p->VDisplay, v, 0, 0);
ret = xf86CheckModeForMonitor(mode, mon);
if (ret == MODE_OK)
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