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    Make SiSRegInit & SiSSetLVDSetc args match in both headers that define them · 314d56d0
    Alan Coopersmith authored
    Adds include of "sis_dac.h" to init.c to force compilers to compare the
    definitions, making it obvious that sis_dac.h defined an extra argument
    to SiSSetLVDSetc that the function itself didn't have, and that SiSRegInit
    expected an unsigned long (in the form of SISIOADDRESS), not the unsigned
    short that sis_dac.h claimed to pass it.
    Found by the Parfait 1.0 bug checking tool:
    Error: Function Call Mismatch
       Function call with extra args: Forward declaration of function 'SiSSetLVDSetc' does not match its definition
          Function expects 1 argument (SiS_Private*); given 2 (SiS_Private*, unsigned short)
            at line 604 of driver/xf86-video-sis/src/sis_dac.c in function 'SiS300Restore'.
              Function defined at line 1153 of driver/xf86-video-sis/src/init.c.
    [repeated for each call]
    Signed-off-by: Alan Coopersmith's avatarAlan Coopersmith <alan.coopersmith@oracle.com>
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