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    SiS driver: · c8abdb74
    Thomas Winischhofer authored
    - Added initial support for XGI chipsets (V3XT, V5, V8, Z7). Z7 and V5 are
        untested. All features supported (Xv, HWCursor, DPMS, etc.). The binary
        XGI DRI driver is not supported.
    - Ported driver to EXA 0.1.0. Known problems still to solve at this time
    EXA's deinitialisation routine "DriverFini()" does not unwrap
        pScreen->DestroyPixmap (and others), leading to a crash on machines
        where the SWCursor is being used (SWCursor pixmaps are destroyed after
        EXA has destroyed the offscreen memory manager).
    EXA does not work correctly with 24bpp framebuffers. For some reason, all
        pixmaps handed to the drawing primitives are 32bpp, despite the correct
        24bpp-flag handed to xf86SetDepthBpp().
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