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      SiS driver: · c8abdb74
      Thomas Winischhofer authored
      - Added initial support for XGI chipsets (V3XT, V5, V8, Z7). Z7 and V5 are
          untested. All features supported (Xv, HWCursor, DPMS, etc.). The binary
          XGI DRI driver is not supported.
      - Ported driver to EXA 0.1.0. Known problems still to solve at this time
      EXA's deinitialisation routine "DriverFini()" does not unwrap
          pScreen->DestroyPixmap (and others), leading to a crash on machines
          where the SWCursor is being used (SWCursor pixmaps are destroyed after
          EXA has destroyed the offscreen memory manager).
      EXA does not work correctly with 24bpp framebuffers. For some reason, all
          pixmaps handed to the drawing primitives are 32bpp, despite the correct
          24bpp-flag handed to xf86SetDepthBpp().
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      SiS driver: · 2d51792a
      Thomas Winischhofer authored
      - MergedFB/Xinerama: Added support for non-rectangular layouts (no panning
          into dead areas, mouse restriced to accessible areas)
      - MergedFB/Xinerama: Added support for RandR. Current window managers are
          smart enough to update their Xinerama-info on RandR events. This
          practically allows switching from dual-head operation to single-head
          operation (by switching to a clone mode and simultaniously resizing the
          desktop) and vice versa.
      - MergedFB: Improved "physical alignment compensation" Offset by
          disallowing panning and mouse movements into dead areas. (However,
          RandR is disabled if that Offset is used.)
      - MergedFB: Made identically looking MetaModes work with RandR. (by
          supplying a fake rate.)
      - Added "Reflect" feature: Reflect screen in x, y or x+y direction (Uses
          shadow framebuffer; no accel, no Xv, no HWCursor.)
      - Added aspect ratio detection for analog (VGA) devices. Produces different
          default modes for 800x480, 1024x576, 1280x720,
      1280x768 and 1280x800 depending on the aspect ratio. Options exist to
          overrule this for each output device.
      - Fixed FSTN support on SiS55x (for 320x240 xSTN panels)
      - Workaround for SiS76x memory access latency issues if no local
          framebuffer memory is present. Driver now allows only one video overlay
          and assumes a quite restricted memory bandwidth. This chip is really
          crippled. / If in hybrid mode, the driver only uses the LFB memory
          (required changes in the video memory layout)
      - Minor fix for machines with Trumpion Zurac LVDS scalers.
      - Fixed bug in SaveScreen() causing a sig 11 sometimes.
      - Added screen blanking for TV output
      - Added two widescreen modes for PAL/NTSC TV output
      - Numerous minor fixes and clean-ups.
      - Numerous whitespace cleanups. Sorry for the noise.
  6. 19 Jan, 2005 1 commit
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      SiS driver: · 5a253b1f
      Thomas Winischhofer authored
      - Fix off-by-one error in setting up offscreen-images
      - Fix for retrieval of mode timing from BIOS for LCD
      - Fix for DGA in MergedFB mode
      - Code size reduction by more calculations, less tables
      - ShadowFB uses fast memcpy (correctly) now
      - Prefer user given modes over default ones
      - Add ForcePanelRGB option
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