Commit d06454e8 authored by Julien Cristau's avatar Julien Cristau
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Fix BlockHandler declaration

smi_video.c: In function 'SMI_SetupVideo':
smi_video.c:940:24: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
     pSmi->BlockHandler = pScreen->BlockHandler;
Signed-off-by: Julien Cristau's avatarJulien Cristau <>
parent 60738285
......@@ -276,8 +276,7 @@ typedef struct
Bool interlaced; /* True: Interlaced Video */
XF86VideoAdaptorPtr ptrAdaptor; /* Pointer to VideoAdapter
structure */
void (*BlockHandler)(int i, pointer blockData, pointer pTimeout,
pointer pReadMask);
void (*BlockHandler)(BLOCKHANDLER_ARGS_DECL);
/* SMI 501/502 Command List Interpreter */
Bool batch_active;
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