Commit f7516fd3 authored by Tormod Volden's avatar Tormod Volden

savage: Warn if broken drm maps are detected

Linux kernel 2.6.30 - 2.6.39 had broken drm maps which would result
in assorted problems. Leave a message in the log if it looks like
the framebuffer map and the aperture map are mixed up. 's avatarTormod Volden <>
parent ca6c41fd
......@@ -1070,6 +1070,11 @@ Bool SAVAGEDRIScreenInit( ScreenPtr pScreen )
return FALSE;
/* Linux kernel DRM broken in 2.6.30 through 2.6.39 */
if (pDRIInfo->hFrameBuffer == pSAVAGEDRIServer->aperture.handle)
xf86DrvMsg( pScrn->scrnIndex, X_WARNING,
"[drm] Detected broken drm maps. Please upgrade to linux kernel 3.x\n");
if ( !SAVAGEDRIBuffersInit( pScreen ) ) {
SAVAGEDRICloseScreen( pScreen );
return FALSE;
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