Commit 3d8be0cf authored by Adam Jackson's avatar Adam Jackson

Bug #3163: Create new DRIINFO_*_VERSION macros to indicate the version

    number of the DRIInfoRec, disambiguating it from the XF86DRI protocol
    version number. Modify DRIQueryVersion to return the libdri version
    number, which all DDXes were requesting implicitly. Fix the DDXes to
    check for the DRIINFO version they were compiled against.
parent a42d68da
......@@ -834,12 +834,13 @@ Bool SAVAGEDRIScreenInit( ScreenPtr pScreen )
int major, minor, patch;
DRIQueryVersion( &major, &minor, &patch );
if ( major != 4 || minor < 0 ) {
xf86DrvMsg( pScreen->myNum, X_ERROR,
"[dri] SAVAGEDRIScreenInit failed because of a version mismatch.\n"
"[dri] libDRI version = %d.%d.%d but version 4.0.x is needed.\n"
"[dri] libdri version = %d.%d.%d but version %d.%d.x is needed.\n"
"[dri] Disabling the DRI.\n",
major, minor, patch );
major, minor, patch,
return FALSE;
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