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README.xspice: use consistent and vnc default port

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......@@ -101,14 +101,14 @@ cp -R /usr/share/X11/xkb $TEST/share/X11
$XORG is either your own built $TEST/bin/Xorg or just the default Xorg
Run server with:
export XSPICE_PORT=6000
export XSPICE_PORT=5900
$XORG -noreset -config spiceqxl.xorg.conf :3.0
Or equivalently:
./xspice --port 6000 :3.0
./xspice --port 5900 :3.0
Run X clients as usual by setting DISPLAY=:3.0
Run spice client with port 5912 (hardcoded currently):
spicec -h localhost -p 5912
Run a spice client:
spicec -h localhost -p 5900
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