Commit a8213444 authored by Jeremy White's avatar Jeremy White

Provide an implementation for put_image in dfps mode.

This prevents the fallback from calling prepare_access
against the whole screen, which in turn keeps us from
transmitting the whole screen more than necessary.
parent f448032a
......@@ -270,15 +270,22 @@ static Bool dfps_put_image (PixmapPtr dest, int x, int y, int w, int h,
char *src, int src_pitch)
dfps_info_t *info;
FbBits *dst;
FbStride dst_stride;
int dst_bpp;
if (!(info = dfps_get_info (dest)))
return FALSE;
dfps_update_box(&info->updated_region, x, x + w, y, y + h);
/* We can avoid doing the put image ourselves, as the uxa driver
will fall back and do it for us if we return false */
return FALSE;
fbGetPixmapBitsData(dest, dst, dst_stride, dst_bpp);
fbBlt((FbBits *) src, src_pitch / sizeof(FbStip), 0, dst + (y * dst_stride), dst_stride,
x * dst_bpp, w * dst_bpp, h, GXcopy, FB_ALLONES, dst_bpp, FALSE, FALSE);
return TRUE;
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