Commit a596303c authored by Alon Levy's avatar Alon Levy

scripts/xspice: fix to run

parent ec418d24
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ var_args = ['port', 'tls_port', 'disable_ticketing',
'x509_dir', 'sasl', 'cacert_file', 'x509_key_file', 'x509_key_password',
'tls_ciphers', 'dh_file', 'password', 'image_compression',
'jpeg_wan_compression', 'zlib_glz_wan_compression',
'playback_compression', 'streaming_video']
for arg in var_args:
if getattr(args, arg):
os.environ['XSPICE_' + arg.upper()] = str(getattr(args, arg))
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