Commit 88c3df4a authored by Jeremy White's avatar Jeremy White

Xspice: handle parameters with value 0, allows --port 0

As of commit f73ca7e4, you can now
disable the regular port by specifying 0.  This change to the Xspice
script permits us to take advantage of that change.
parent f73ca7e4
......@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ var_args = ['port', 'tls_port', 'disable_ticketing',
'vdagent_uid', 'vdagent_gid']
for arg in var_args:
if getattr(args, arg):
if getattr(args, arg) != None:
# The Qxl code doesn't respect booleans, so pass them as 0/1
a = getattr(args, arg)
if a == True:
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