Commit 69cf5e40 authored by Christophe Fergeau's avatar Christophe Fergeau

Xspice: Use print("") instead of print ""

This allows Xspice to run when using python3 instead of python2
parent 8d344cf4
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ def which(x):
candidate = os.path.join(p, x)
if os.path.exists(candidate):
return candidate
print 'Warning: failed to find executable %s' % x
print('Warning: failed to find executable %s' % x)
return None
if 'XSPICE_ENABLE_GDB' in os.environ:
......@@ -128,10 +128,10 @@ args, xorg_args = parser.parse_known_args(sys.argv[1:])
def agents_new_enough(args):
for f in [args.vdagent_exec, args.vdagentd_exec]:
if not f:
print 'please specify path to vdagent/vdagentd executables'
print('please specify path to vdagent/vdagentd executables')
return False
if not os.path.exists(f):
print 'error: file not found ', f
print('error: file not found ', f)
return False
for f in [args.vdagent_exec, args.vdagentd_exec]:
......@@ -169,11 +169,11 @@ def tls_files(args):
# and it isn't supplied spice will still abort, and Xorg with it.
for key, filename in tls_files(args).items():
if not os.path.exists(filename):
print "missing %s - %s does not exist" % (key, filename)
print("missing %s - %s does not exist" % (key, filename))
def error(msg, exit_code=1):
print "Xspice: %s" % msg
print("Xspice: %s" % msg)
if not args.xorg:
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ for arg in xorg_args:
if arg.startswith(":"):
display = arg
if not display:
print "Error: missing display on line (i.e. :3)"
print("Error: missing display on line (i.e. :3)")
raise SystemExit
os.environ ['DISPLAY'] = display
......@@ -343,7 +343,7 @@ time.sleep(2)
retpid,rc = os.waitpid(, os.WNOHANG)
if retpid != 0:
print "Error: X server is not running"
print("Error: X server is not running")
if args.vdagent_enabled and args.vdagent_launch:
# XXX use systemd --user for this?
......@@ -361,4 +361,4 @@ else:
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# Catch Ctrl-C as that is the common way of ending this script
print "Keyboard Interrupt"
print("Keyboard Interrupt")
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