Commit 66a30b8e authored by Alon Levy's avatar Alon Levy

qxl_driver: fix initialization from wrong pointer warning

parent 9ee2aa1c
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ qxl_garbage_collect (qxl_screen_t *qxl)
union QXLReleaseInfo *info = u64_to_pointer (id & ~POINTER_MASK);
struct QXLCursorCmd *cmd = (struct QXLCursorCmd *)info;
struct QXLDrawable *drawable = (struct qxl_drawable *)info;
struct QXLDrawable *drawable = (struct QXLDrawable *)info;
struct QXLSurfaceCmd *surface_cmd = (struct QXLSurfaceCmd *)info;
int is_cursor = FALSE;
int is_surface = FALSE;
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