Commit b9716b83 authored by Carl Worth's avatar Carl Worth

Add a new AUTHORS file

This is a sorted list of everyone with more than 2 commits in the git
revision history. We also list some historical authors mentioned in the
man page, (with code presumably pre-dating the beginning of revision
parent 8deb3a37
Authors of xf86-video-intel (since 2003-11-14 when revision-control
history begins, sorted roughly by number of commits, descending):
Eric Anholt
Keith Packard
Zhenyu Wang
Jesse Barnes
Alan Hourihane
Carl Worth
Dave Airlie
Michel Dänzer
Zou Nan Hai
Kristian Høgsberg
Adam Jackson
Nian Wu
Xian, Haihao
Egbert Eich
Kevin E Martin
Alan Coopersmith
Hong Liu
Julien Cristau
Ma Ling
Bryce Harrington
Daniel Stone
Kaleb Keithley
Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade
Eamon Walsh
Matthieu Herrb
Owain G. Ainsworth
Søren Sandmann Pedersen
Brice Goglin
Ian Romanick
Lukáš Hejtmánek
Matthias Hopf
Olivier Fourdan
Robert Noland
Rémi Cardona
Shuang He
Wu Fengguang
and many others (with 1 or 2 commits)
Other authors (from before revision-control history begins):
Keith Whitwell
Jonathan Bian
Matthew J Sottek
Jeff Hartmann
Mark Vojkovich
H. J. Lu
David Dawes
If the above list is missing anyone, please accept our apologies and
let us know.
The X.Org version of this driver is maintained by Intel Corporation:
The X11R6 version of this driver originally came from XFree86 4.4 rc2.
The XFree86 version of this driver was donated to The XFree86 Project
by Precision Insight, Inc.; Cedar Park, TX; USA
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