Commit 6eecef4f authored by Jesse Barnes's avatar Jesse Barnes

Adjust default TV out paramaters

According to several users, a default brightness of 0 results in much better TV
output.  Improved control of these parameters will be provided by Randr1.3,
which will standardize several output properties across various chips.
parent 7552d80e
......@@ -1178,7 +1178,7 @@ i830_tv_mode_set(xf86OutputPtr output, DisplayModePtr mode,
(i830_float_to_csc(color_conversion->bv) << 16) |
OUTREG(TV_CLR_KNOBS, 0x10606000);
OUTREG(TV_CLR_KNOBS, 0x00606000);
OUTREG(TV_CLR_LEVEL, ((video_levels->black << TV_BLACK_LEVEL_SHIFT) |
(video_levels->blank << TV_BLANK_LEVEL_SHIFT)));
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