Commit 3f2e199b authored by Chris Wilson's avatar Chris Wilson

2.99.908 snapshot

parent 1f9a6156
Snapshot 2.99.908 (2013-01-31)
A couple of regressions dashed the hopes that .907 was to be the final
release candidate, so time to start the cycle again after applying a few
more bugfixes.
* Fix invalid pageflipping of GLXPixmaps by UXA.
* Consistently treat DPMS Suspend/Standy as Off, otherwise we may
incorrectly restore the backlight in UXA.
* Fix disabling the backlight in UXA when querying the value whilst off
* Invalidate between every operation if rendering into the source or mask.
Fixes regression in 2.99.907 on Ivybridge (seen in KDE)
* Check for available batch buffer state before restoring state on gen4,
otherwise we overwrite surface state with commands and cause a GPU hang.
* Prevent an invalid free by TearFree
* Fix confusion in TearFree when it tried to pageflip to a stale bo
* Initialise TearFree contents with the current frontbuffer upon creation,
otherwise old content may be visible for significant fractions of a
second after resume or DPMS on
* Nullify the old pointer into a CPU mmapping of the bo when promoting it
on the GPU. Eventually that old pointer becomes invalid and will cause
the Xserver to crash.
Fixes regression in 2.99.906
* Restore the serialNumber on the GC correctly after falling back to
software. This was seen to cause corruption with Wine.
* Do not ignore CPU damage on a pixmap unless the Composite operation
will completely overwrite it. This was observed in xfce4.
* Skip fake outputs during initial probe as they can cause a NULL pointer
* Fix rendering of dashed zero-width lines onto 24bit buffers
* Cap the freed Pixmap cache and reuse it more often
Fixes a regression in 2.99.907 that caused the memory used by X to
grow until it was cleaned up during server regreneration
Snapshot 2.99.907 (2013-12-30) Snapshot 2.99.907 (2013-12-30)
============================== ==============================
The highlight here is that things seem to be quietening down on the bug The highlight here is that things seem to be quietening down on the bug
...@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ ...@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
# Initialize Autoconf # Initialize Autoconf
AC_PREREQ([2.60]) AC_PREREQ([2.60])
AC_INIT([xf86-video-intel], AC_INIT([xf86-video-intel],
[2.99.907], [2.99.908],
[], [],
[xf86-video-intel]) [xf86-video-intel])
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