Commit 2fb2cd09 authored by Chris Wilson's avatar Chris Wilson

2.99.910 snapshot

parent 37d8566e
Snapshot 2.99.910 (2013-02-10)
Another latent bug exposed by recent changes merit another snapshot for
final testing.
* Only discard damage when overwriting the dirty CPU bo, instead
of discarding damage that will be shown!
* Reset operation state when switching between glyph caches.
* Fully reinitialise pixmaps allocated from the freed cache. Fixes
a potential issue (crash or misrendering) when using some compositors.
* Do not expose the TexturedVideo adaptor in UXA when it is disabled
either due to a hung GPU or explicitly disabled by the user.
* Restore the pipe stall when changing CC state on gen6, otherwise
the GPU may not flush intermediate results from all EU resulting
in render corruption (usually the occasional black box).
Regression from 2.99.906
Snapshot 2.99.909 (2013-02-01)
Pass the brown paper bag. Ridiculously stupid bug in last minute coding.
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
# Initialize Autoconf
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