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2.99.913 snapshot

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Snapshot 2.99.913 (2014-07-23)
This should be it... A few fixes from testing the new code, we should be
ready for the final release. However, we do have one standout feature in
this snapshot, we now officially recognise HD Graphics 5300/5500/5600,
Iris Graphics 6100 and Iris Pro Graphics 6200/P6300 (formerly known as
* Check the window actually covers the CRTC before doing a single CRTC flip,
and then restore the right framebuffer after completing CRTC flips.
Otherwise we would detect an error and disable an output under TearFree
Regression in 2.99.912
* Fix framebuffer creation on kernels older than 3.11
Regression in 2.99.912
* Check that the damage still exists after implicit reduction
Regression in 2.99.912
* Fix direction flags for fallback composited CopyAreas which
caused scrolling corruption in a few configurations
Regression from 2.20.0
* Do not throw away damage if there is no redundant copy
* Check clipping on PolyRect before discarding the clipped damage
Regression from 2.99.903
* Fix hints for GLXPixmapa, as these are never swapped and so
miss invalidating the hints on SwapBuffers with the result
that they are often presumed blank
Regression in 2.99.912
* Fix incoherent choice of source bo when constructing 8x8 tiles,
incorrect pattern origin when extracting, and then fix the
alignment of colour patterns for BLT operations
* Disable blending with the render engine on snoopable buffers
* Restore throttling to prevent client lag under heavy GPU load
Regression from 2.21.10
* Use ClientGone for notifications on shared DRI2 windows to prevent
rare crashes due to use-after-free of the swap requests
* Ensure the mmaped CPU bo is idle before migrating damage
* Fix incorrect clipping by the render engine for large DRI2 windows
* Ensure that the aperture tiling fallbacks are bounded
* Validate parameter to xf86-video-intel-backlight-helper more carefully
* Fix slaved scanouts for reverse optimus, though rotated slaves will
require further patches to Xorg.
* Fix build without Composite extension.
* Fix build without gettline().
* UXA: Allocate and resize frontbuffer consistently to pass sanity checks
* UXA: Report cached backlight value when the output is off (like sna)
* UXA: Mark outputs as off before the kernel does (like sna)
This will prevent the internal panel from starting up blank in some
multi-monitor configurations
Note that the DRI2 exchange mechanism introduced in 2.99.912 exposes bugs
in some compositors, at least kwin and comptom, which discard DRI2 buffer
invalidates rather than resourcing their texture. For example,
Note that the improved triple buffering introduced in DRI2 requires a patch
to Xorg (now released upstream) to prevent crashes with DRI_PRIME.
Note that DRI3/Present require tracking the relevant development trees for
mesa and the xserver as they are very much still under early testing. Also
be aware that Mesa provides no support for explicit fencing so Damage
tracking between compositors and clients is unserialised.
Snapshot 2.99.912 (2014-06-10)
A final round of features. We have everything from support for variable
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
# Initialize Autoconf
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