Commit 1a489142 authored by Chris Wilson's avatar Chris Wilson

sna: Disable RandR hotplug events if Xinerama is enabled

Since RandR itself is disabled if Xinerama is enabled, for example with
ZaphodHeads, calling RRGetInfo() upon a hotplug event generates an
Reported-by: 's avatarStephen Liang <>
Bugzilla: Chris Wilson's avatarChris Wilson <>
parent d87c2756
......@@ -639,6 +639,12 @@ sna_uevent_init(ScrnInfoPtr scrn)
DBG(("%s\n", __FUNCTION__));
/* RandR will be disabled if Xinerama is active, and so generating
* RR hotplug events is then verboten.
if (!dixPrivateKeyRegistered(rrPrivKey))
if (!xf86GetOptValBool(sna->Options, OPTION_HOTPLUG, &hotplug))
from = X_DEFAULT, hotplug = TRUE;
xf86DrvMsg(scrn->scrnIndex, from, "hotplug detection: \"%s\"\n",
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