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NEWS: Add release notes for the 2.11.0 release.

Hurrah! We made it.
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Release 2.11.0 (2010-03-29)
New in 2.11: DRI2 and page flipping
The most significant new feature of this release is support for new
DRI2 APIs, allowing page flipping to occur for swaps that are
full-screen and not rotated.
Performance improvements in 2.11 compared to 2.10
Dramatically improved performance of large pixmaps on
memory-constrained hardware, (such as 945), by using tiling.
Note that this fix is new since the most recent release
candidate for this release (2.10.903).
Elimination of software fallback with alpha-only pixmap (a fix which
eliminated a full second from the Moblin boot time):
Notable bug fixes in 2.11 compared to 2.10
Fix for undesired black borders on some images, (caued several
problems with firefox):
And other fixes to provide more conformance with existing
software-rendering, (as measures by the cairo test suite), such as the
sampling location for nearest-neighbor sampling.
Other changes
Eric Anholt and Daniel Vetter both removed large piles of old and
useless code now that the driver requires kernel modesetting
(KMS). This continues to reduce the mainteance burden of the driver,
making it easier to isolate and fix bugs.
Snapshot 2.10.903 (2010-03-22)
Some notable bug fixes
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