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    More compile warning fixes. · c13efdd3
    Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade authored
    o Check for RANDR_GET_CRTC_INTERFACE before defining functions that
      are used only if it is defined.
    o Declare a variable before code, and rename it from ret to xvmc_status
      to better describe it.
    o if 0 some static functions not used.
    o Don't declare some unused variables.
    o Declare as static some functions that are used only in the file defining it.
    o Add a default/fallback return True to the Bool function
    o Ansify src/xvmc/xf86dri.c.
    o Add missing prototype to src/xvmc/xf86dri.h and follow pattern of other
      headers by adding "extern" before function prototype.
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