Commit 539b15bd authored by Ville Syrjälä's avatar Ville Syrjälä Committed by Chris Wilson
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sna: Refactor property parsing

Generalize the code that parses the plane properties to be useable
for crtc (or any kms object) properties as well.

v2: plane 'type' prop is enum not range!

Cc: Mario Kleiner <>
Signed-off-by: Ville Syrjälä's avatarVille Syrjälä <>
parent 6afed33b
......@@ -215,6 +215,7 @@ struct sna_crtc {
uint32_t rotation;
struct plane {
uint32_t id;
uint32_t type;
struct {
uint32_t prop;
uint32_t supported;
......@@ -3391,33 +3392,40 @@ void sna_crtc_set_sprite_colorspace(xf86CrtcPtr crtc,
static int plane_details(struct sna *sna, struct plane *p)
typedef void (*parse_prop_func)(struct sna *sna,
struct drm_mode_get_property *prop,
uint64_t value,
void *data);
static void parse_props(struct sna *sna,
uint32_t obj_type, uint32_t obj_id,
parse_prop_func parse_prop,
void *data)
#define N_STACK_PROPS 32 /* must be a multiple of 2 */
struct local_mode_obj_get_properties arg;
uint64_t stack[N_STACK_PROPS + N_STACK_PROPS/2];
uint64_t *values = stack;
uint32_t *props = (uint32_t *)(values + N_STACK_PROPS);
int i;
memset(&arg, 0, sizeof(struct local_mode_obj_get_properties));
arg.obj_id = p->id;
arg.obj_id = obj_id;
arg.obj_type = obj_type;
arg.props_ptr = (uintptr_t)props;
arg.prop_values_ptr = (uintptr_t)values;
arg.count_props = N_STACK_PROPS;
if (drmIoctl(sna->kgem.fd, LOCAL_IOCTL_MODE_OBJ_GETPROPERTIES, &arg))
return -1;
DBG(("%s: object %d (type %x) has %d props\n", __FUNCTION__,
p->id, LOCAL_MODE_OBJECT_PLANE, arg.count_props));
obj_id, obj_type, arg.count_props));
if (arg.count_props > N_STACK_PROPS) {
values = malloc(2*sizeof(uint64_t)*arg.count_props);
if (values == NULL)
return -1;
props = (uint32_t *)(values + arg.count_props);
......@@ -3444,25 +3452,46 @@ static int plane_details(struct sna *sna, struct plane *p)
DBG(("%s: prop[%d] .id=%ld, .name=%s, .flags=%x, .value=%ld\n", __FUNCTION__, i,
(long)props[i],, (unsigned)prop.flags, (long)values[i]));
if (strcmp(, "type") == 0) {
type = values[i];
} else if (prop_is_rotation(&prop)) {
parse_rotation_prop(sna, p, &prop, values[i]);
} else if (prop_is_color_encoding(&prop)) {
parse_color_encoding_prop(sna, p, &prop, values[i]);
parse_prop(sna, &prop, values[i], data);
if (values != stack)
static bool prop_is_type(const struct drm_mode_get_property *prop)
return prop_has_type_and_name(prop, 3, "type");
static void plane_parse_prop(struct sna *sna,
struct drm_mode_get_property *prop,
uint64_t value, void *data)
struct plane *p = data;
if (prop_is_type(prop))
p->type = value;
else if (prop_is_rotation(prop))
parse_rotation_prop(sna, p, prop, value);
else if (prop_is_color_encoding(prop))
parse_color_encoding_prop(sna, p, prop, value);
static int plane_details(struct sna *sna, struct plane *p)
parse_props(sna, LOCAL_MODE_OBJECT_PLANE, p->id,
plane_parse_prop, p);
p->rotation.supported &= DBG_NATIVE_ROTATION;
if (!xf86ReturnOptValBool(sna->Options, OPTION_ROTATION, TRUE))
p->rotation.supported = RR_Rotate_0;
if (values != stack)
DBG(("%s: plane=%d type=%d\n", __FUNCTION__, p->id, p->type));
DBG(("%s: plane=%d type=%d\n", __FUNCTION__, p->id, type));
return type;
return p->type;
static void add_sprite_plane(struct sna_crtc *crtc,
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